All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience."

— Henry Miller, Author

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still counting down

I'm just shy of 9 weeks until the Miami show and I don't know how I feel. Not in a bad way though. I'm trying to think ahead and make sure that I'm prepared and in doing so, I've set a simple goal for myself. That goal is to hit my workouts 100% this week, and my nutrition at 80% or better. I'm also changing the way I mentally visualize my week. Since my checkins are on Thursdays I've decided to make that the start of my week and to be honest, I don't know why I haven't been doing that all along. I have to say, being able to better keep track of what I'm doing excites me. Also, weekends should be easier to tackle if they are considered midweek as opposed to weekend, don't you think?

So far, this week is going great. I'm ahead in my cardio, right on track with my strength training sessions, and I have gym dates lined up throughout the rest of the week. Last thing on my list is yoga. I want to get back into the routine of going 2-3 times a week but last week that didn't quite go over well. This week I'm scheduling it in my calender and not budging it. There is such a noticeable difference in my training when I regularly practice yoga. Not to mention it just makes me feel great!

So onward I tread through this week, looking to hit my goals and to actually CHECK IN when it's time for me to. Can't wait to move on to next week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Had to post this.....

"If you must begin then go all the way, because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business you have left behind begins to haunt you all the time."
– Chögyam Trungpa

I just had to log in and post this because it is so apropos to my last blog post.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Steady State Cardio Playlist

Ciara- "I'm On"

DJ Khaled- "All I do is Win"
                   "We Takin Over"

Estelle- "American Boy"

Juno Reactor- "Pistolero" (original)

Kings of leon- "Sex on Fire"

Lady Gaga- "Telephone"

Ludacris- "How Low"

Nicki Minaj- "Massive Attack"

Oakenfold- "Faster Kill Pussycat"

Omarion & Kat Deluna- "Cut Off Time"

Presidents of the USA- "Lump"

Three 6 Mafia- "Feel It"

Timbaland- "Morning After Dark"
                  "Carry Out"

Usher (Nicki Minaj) "Lil Freak"

Wale - "Pretty Girls"

Ying Yang Twins- "Drop"

HIIT cardio playlist

Again in alphabetical order for the sake of listing them, but played randomly. This list seems shorter, but most of the songs are 6,7,8minutes a piece. One of them is even 10 minutes. I love it because it really keeps me going and passes the time.

Hardknox- "Attitude"

Juno Reactor- "Komit"
                      "Masters of the universe"
                      "Pistolero" (Juno Reactor mix)
                      "High Energy Protons" (Orion mix)

Kill Transmission- "Despair"

Meg Lee Chin (of Pigface)- "And God She Created Civilization"

New Order- "Confusion" (pump panel reconstruction)... This is that awesome song from Blade.... you know the one.

NIN- "Survivalism"
          "The Perfect Drug"

Oakenfold (feat. Britney Murphy) "Faster Kill Pussycat"

Orgy- "Blue Monday"

The Rapture- "House of Jealous Lovers"

VNV Nation- "Savior"
                      "Joy"--- I always like this as a last song. I turn the resistance up super high and try to kill myself right at the end.

Lifting Playlist

First one is my Lifting playlist in alphabetical order by artist just to make it easy, however it will be played on shuffle.

Beastie Boys - "So Whatcha Want"

Bjork -"Army of Me" (Graham Massy remix)
           "Enjoy" (Outcast remix)

Ciara - "oh"

DJ KAhled "All I do is Win"
                  "We Takin Over"

Fabulous- "My Time"

Juno Reactor- "Masters of the Universe"
                      "High Energy Protons" (Orion Mix)
                      "Conga Fury"

Lady Gaga- "Telephone"

Lil Wayne- "Prom Queen"
                  "A Milli"

Meg Lee chin (of Pigface) "Scarecrow"

Nicki Minaj "Massive Attack"

NIN  - "Deep"

Orgy- "Stitches"

Primus- "My Name is Mudd"

Rich Boy - "Drop"

Slipknot- "The Virus of Life"

T.I. "Whats up, Whats Happenin"

Trina- "That's my Attitude"

Usher (feat Nicki Minaj) "Lil Freak"

Vnv Nation - "Fearless"

Wale- "Pretty Girls"

Young Jeezy- "Go GEtta"
                     "Who Dat"
                     "Put On"

The Newborns Have Been Delivered!

No I'm not talking about babies.... I'm talking about NEW WORKOUT PLAYLISTS!!!!

I have 3 and I'm willing to share them all because I think that they're oh so good! This post is particularly for Lisa Peakes...

I have to say that I really did some digging on this one. I Downloaded a good number of new songs and went back and browsed my past lists for some of my favorite recent workout songs.  I think all in all, there's a damn good mix of stuff in here.....

After the 3 hours I've spent on this I can't wait to get my ass back in the gym to try them out...

Here goes: (find them in the next 3 posts)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Back

Alright, so I've had some time to think long and hard the past day or two, and I've got my head together. The little bit of a break that I had really threw me for a big one. I couldn't seem to figure out how I had lost my groooooveeeeee. I've been working out and eating clean the past 2 weeks since being back, but I still felt totally lost and that I didn't know what was going on. I finally figured it out: A clear goal.

Yes, I have long decided on what my new competition date will be, but after having to "change the plan" I got a little whacked. This being my first competition I was easily deterred when my original plan didn't happen as I planned. Even though I KNOW that it's okay to re-evaluate my goals and restructure my plan to get there, I didn't really believe it. I've been going through the motions half-heartedly recently claiming that I'm ready for the next step. Ready for the NEW plan. I'm flexible and capable of adaptation, blah blah blah you get the picture. After all of that, I've realized that my PROBLEM was that I hadn't REALLY committed myself to my new goal. While the IDEA of competing was still alive and kicking, I had lost my perspective of what was really required of me to reach my goal. 

How can I faithfully pursue something that I haven't committed to to begin with?

To actually make it to the stage is going to take far more than just going through the motions, but for some reason this totally fell out of my mind. With that being said, I'm here to say that I have (re) COMMITTED myself to this experience and this process and fully intend to pursue my goal of competing at Universe in Miami on June 19th 2010.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh hey! 10 weeks?

I don't even know anymore; but I know that I'm somewhere between here and there.

Weeks ago I declared that I was 10 weeks out which OBVIOUSLY is not true.

After returning from Haiti I really had to re-evaluate my goals and my competition date had to change. It seems that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

Now I've found myself in some place between being rip roaring and ready to go, and afraid that I won't be prepared because I've been set back; and subsequently altered my course.

I'm okay with an alteration. I have reset myself and collected my day to day plans from THIS moment on, and it is from here that I press on.

10 weeks out.